Ryan Gordon

Candidate for Garfield County Commissioner

Ryan is…
  • A senior engineer – he finds practical solutions for complex problems.
  • A father of a young family – Ryan has a long-term stake in decisions made today.
  • A project manager – Everyday, he brings groups together to solve problems.


I am running because the county needs to have younger and innovative voices who can lead the county into the future. I believe that in order to be successful, we need to work collectively beyond politics to achieve success. I will be that person who will work with everyone to accomplish our goals. We are all residents of Garfield County.


I was born and raised in Glenwood Springs and graduated from GSHS in 1996. After receiving a Civil Engineering degree from Colorado State University, I moved to San Diego and then to Portland to start and advance my professional career. My wife (also a GSHS graduate) and I made the decision to move back home to raise our two daughters in 2016. We came to realize how amazing and unique Garfield County is and wanted our girls to experience the joys and adventures of living in a small town just steps away from the mountains, rivers and trails that populate our county.

I have been working at Schmueser Gordon Meyer (SGM) since 2016. As a licensed professional engineer, I have worked with communities throughout Western Colorado on the design and construction of a wide array of projects including water/wastewater treatment plants, water storage tanks, utilities, dams, roads, roundabouts and trails. My role as a project manager has provided me the tools to be successful as a county commissioner – to identify issues, communicate priorities to a diverse group of stakeholders and find realistic solutions. My professional experience has given me a deeper understanding of the complexity and scope of the issues we face in Garfield County.


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